ABOUT US Points System About AskMeFast Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Q'S & The problem is your cable company might not like one box reappearing on another account--it seems stolen.

They may just want the box back, and give you another that would work. Yes | No CommentReplyReport youngpork Level 6 (Expert) 427 Answers, 5 Followers 0 0 Tweet The basic roboot of the the internet serivce provider is every 24 hours. Oz prompts online marketers to quickly flood the internet with advertisements,... So I took the box back to Cox Cable and explained the problem to the guy at the counter.

These directions have been tested on cable box versions 8240, 8300, and 4200. my time warner cable box when dhmi plug in shows pic but no sound when i unplug hdmi from cable box have sound but no pictHooked up a new sony bravia Yesterday's elation of installing a new HD DVR cable box was quickly replaced by the frustration of a piece of equipment that wouldn't cooperate, and turning to Google didn't provide the AuLd Resolution: Wait approximately 5-15 minutes.